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Concord 6524 Front Cover Art
Concord 6524 Front Cover Art

The Fall of Monte Cassino

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  • Manufacturer:Concord Publications
  • Series:Warrior
  • Pages:52
  • Weight:8.8 Ounces
  • Made In:Hong Kong

Author :

Robert Michulec & Dmitriy Zgonnik

Title :

The Fall of Monte Cassino
Author : Robert Michulec & Dmitriy Zgonnik 
Format: Softcover
Reference Book.
Printed in Hong Kong

- 52 Pages
- 134 Photos
- 4 Color plates

Perhaps one of the best known battles in the Italian campaign was the Battle of Monte Cassino. There was actually a series of four battels, the first starting on January 17, 1944, and the last on 18 May. Monte Cassino was a key to the German defensive Winter Line south of Rome, also known as the Gustav Line. Concord Publications is proud to release a new volume in its Warrior series that is fully devoted to this pivotal battle.

The Battle of Monte Cassino involved almost the full spectrum of Allied nations - USA, France, New Zealand, India, Great Britain, and Poland - fighting against their battle-hardened German nemesis. However, the authour has selected the final battle as the main focus for this title. While the book's introduction begins with a concise summary of the individual battles, it quickly moves on to a deeper examination of II Polish Corps, which played a principal role in the final bloody capture of the town of Monte Cassino and its famous monastery. THe Poles suffered a staggering total of almost 4000 casualties, and it is said that the red poppies that cover Monte Cassino's slopes in spring owe their color to the blood spilt by these Polish soldiers!

This work by the experienced writer Robert Michulec first covers the German forces in a series of black-and-white photos, with many of them featuring Fallschirmjäger paratroopers that fought so tenaciously. The coverage then proceeds to the Polish force, including both infantry and armor troops. The photos are well chosen and give the reader a good feel for the conditions at the time, as well as the typical uniforms and equipment that were in use by both sides.

The book also contains four color plates by Dmitriy Zgonnik as its centerpiece. These feature three Germans (a paratrooper, Luftwaffe flak unit member and a mountain trooper) and a solitary Pole of the 3rd Capathian Rifle Division. This book will make a very welcome addition to collections, especially as it covers such an important battle and features Polish soldiers that up till now have not received the atttention they merit.

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