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Concord  6526 Front Cover Art
Concord 6526 Front Cover Art

The German Invasion of Yugoslavia 1941

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  • Manufacturer:Concord Publications
  • Series:Warrior
  • Pages:52
  • Weight:8.8 Ounces
  • Made In:Hong Kong

Author :

Gordon Rottman and Dmitriy Zgonnik

Title :

The German Invasion of Yugoslavia 1941
Author : Gordon Rottman and Dmitriy Zgonnik 
Pages: 52
Format: Softcover
Reference Book.
Printed in Hong Kong

- 52 Pages
- 132 Photos
- 4 Color plates

Before dawn on 6 April 1941, German forces began moving against Yugoslavia, the largest country in the Balkans. The full invasion began in earnest on 8 April, with German units supported by Italians, Hungarians, Bulgarians and Romanians. Yugoslav forces were not prepared or equipped to withstand such an onslaught, and by 17 April the Yugoslav government had capitulated. The campaign in Yugoslavia was brief and casualties were remarkably light, with just 151 Germans killed and 392 wounded. Axis units weren’t content with capturing Yugoslavia, for they had their eyes on Greece. There, British, Greek, Australian and New Zealand forces waited to take on the invaders.

A new Concord book authored by Gordon Rottman examines the German invasion of Yugoslavia in that fateful month of April 1941. This 52-page book offers readers an extensive collection of black and white photographs of German personnel and equipment participating in ‘Operation 25’, as the invasion was codenamed by Germany. The photos provide everything – there are personnel in combat and at rest, plus they are accompanied by all sorts of weapons and equipment. Vehicles in evidence include motorbikes, cars, trucks, halftracks, towed artillery pieces, antiaircraft guns, armored cars and even inflatable boats. The atmospheric photos clearly show the type of terrain the battle was fought over, and they are sure to be a source of inspiration for modelers. Each photo is explained with an informative caption detailing facts about equipment or aspects of Operation 25.

Dmitriy Zgonnik has contributed four color plates that serve as a suitable centerpiece for this book. The expertly painted plates show a panzer crewman, rifleman, mountain infantryman and a squad leader in full color. These plates are backed up by helpful written descriptions offering insights about their uniforms and personal gear. This book introduces a topic that hasn’t hitherto been well covered, bringing together a fascinating series of photographs from the invasion of Yugoslavia.

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